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- Markenpositionierung
Brand positioning


Positioning is the key element of a brand strategy. It must be relevant and unique, be credibly demonstrated in order to strengthen your image. A strong brand has been empirically shown to achieve higher market shares and often even higher prices. It can be worked out qualitatively, but even more soundly quantitatively. For your positioning to be most relevant and as efficient as possible. Do you know what is relevant for your potential customers, how unique your brand is, and how good are you at fulfilling your promise?

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Employer Branding  
& Predictive Recruiting


Employer brand positioning is the mirror image of positioning. A relevant, sharp employer-brand positioning and a close connection with the brand promise are key for attracting desirable applicants. Do you have a strong employer brand in the war for talent?

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Price positioning and new product design


The price is THE lever within the entrepreneurial profit formula (profit = price x volume - cost) but is often neglected internally due to the complexity analyzing it. New products are often priced according to "cost-plus" points of view, without knowing which features are worth how much for your (potential) customers. Do you know which feature drives the value of your new product valuable, how you optimally design your product line and which prices achieve maximum sales and profit?

> Case Study Dentsply Sirona

Multi brand positioning


e.g. Second brand, Brand portfolio

Brands complement each other optimally in the portfolio if they are clearly defined and delineated. That holds true both for a second brand and for the entire brand portfolio, so it doesn't lead to cannibalization or lower profits. Is your portfolio of brands clearly structured, does it maximize market opportunities and at the same time exploit synergies?

Case Study Putzmeister

Brand strategy and objectives


A bold brand vision, SMART goals and a brand strategic thrust with prioritized activities lay the foundation for implementing the positioning. How can you derive and quantify objectives, which activities will succeed at headquarters and in the subsidiaries?

- Arbeitgeberpositionierung
- Preispositionierung
- Multimarkenpositionierung
- Markenstrategie
Datengetriebenes Marketing

 Data-driven marketing

- Markenforschung
Brand research and brand metrics


You can measure how strong your brand is in the competitive environment. This can be measured and explained with a statistical, quantitative success and failure factor model. Success factors are prioritized, quantified, operationalized.  On the basis of multivariate brand research, we can simulate which positioning would be ideal for you - using causal statistical models. Even a small improvement in relevance can result in a great increase in profits. Do you know how strong your brand is, what its success is based on and what is the biggest lever for increasing its strength? Do you know if your positioning optimally targets heart & brain of your target group?

Pricing research 


The price is the lever par excellence in the entrepreneurial profit formula (profit = price x quantity cost), but too often neglected. New products are often priced according to "cost-plus" aspects. Do you know which features make your new product how valuable in €-term, how you design your product line with which features, and which price tags achieve maximum sales and profit?

> Case Study Dentsply Sirona

Microtargeting and use of artificial intelligence
/personalized marketing 


The combination of statistics and machine learning can lead to significant targeting success and significantly higher sales. New customer clusters can be identified, addressed precisely and conversion rates can be drastically increased. Do you also have to contend with low conversion rates in sales, would you like to address your target groups more precisely and increase efficiency?

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- Preisforschung
- Microtargting
Punktuelle Unterstützung

Selective support

- Brand sparring
Brand sparring and small tasks 


Do you need quick support for tricky questions or job spikes?

Would you like to have an expert who tailors your brand presentation to a target group, structured and optimized?

Somebody who prepares you a brand-relevant topic in Powerpoint?

Do you have tasks left behind that should finally be tackled by an expert?

We are happy to support you!

 FREE!  Try the 1st hour for free!

 1h free / then 1h extra 400 € / 10h 3.500 € 

Communication briefing and pitch accompaniment   


Would you like a concise briefing for your communication agencies so they implement fully “on brand”?

You need a structured pitch process and selection according to pre-established, relevant criteria?

We are happy to assist you!

Participation in steering committees


Would you like to see brand know-how represented on the Board of Directors?

Please contact us!

Expert opinion


Do you need an expert opinion for assessing your brand´s potential?

We´ll be happy to create it for you!

Interim assignments


Do you need a temporary brand or communication manager due to resource bottlenecks?

Please contact us!

Lectures and in-house trainings

Do you need a customized brand presentation for one of your events?

Would you like to teach your team in terms of brand management?

We like to tailor this according to your needs!

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- Steuergremien
- Gutachten
- Interimistische Einsätze
- Vorträge
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