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Professional power tool solutions

Brand research and brand positioning, goals & brand strategy
Initial situation
  • Change in strategy from dual B2B & B2C to pure B2B

  • Weak brand in the professional sector


Objective    ​
  • Reposition as a pure B2B brand

  • Sustainable growth in sales and market share

  • Fulfil investor expectations of a rapid increase in market value


  • Quantitative survey of the relevant target groups (brand research) in 3 countries across 2 target groups

  • Calculate, quantify and operationalize detailed success factor model

  • Find the optimal positioning with highest relevance by means
    of causal-analytical simulation

  • Definition of country-specific and business area-specific degrees of freedom

  • Implementation in SMART goals, brand strategy, implementation measures along
    the value chain and briefing of communication agencies

  • Broad acceptance of the new "Safe Investment" positioning both internally & sales partners

  • Double-digit sales growth, increased price premium, >20% profit growth

  • Early exit and purchase by Hitachi Koki also due to the strong brand

  • Award for Superbrand 2014/15 and 2016/17


Online Bank

Brand research, brand positioning and broad implementation 
Initial situation
  • Comdirect in a very strong competitive environment

  • Focus on no-fee offers

  • Brand repositioning probably needed


  • Find out true needs of online banking customers

  • Optimal repositioning of the brand

  • Accompany positioning implementation, especially regarding “substance implementation” across the value chain


  • Quantitative survey of the target group (brand research)

  • Detailed success factor model, quantified and operationalized

  • Causal-analytical optimization of positioning in terms of relevance and livability


  • Valuable insights into the interrelationships and priorities gained, paradigm shift from "cheap to powerful” offers

  • Clear repositioning of the brand, which was enthusiastically received not only internally

  • 16% more customers, >220,000 new accounts in 6 months and 50% increase in net interest income through implementation in new products (5 times the effect of communication alone)

  • Clear stock market outperformance, many record quarters and special dividend

  • Numerous awards and prizes have been won: from the best direct bank to the best bank in Germany over several years


World market leader concrete pumps

Two-brand strategy, definition & delineation of positioning, communicative support of launch
Initial situation
  • Chinese company acquires German hidden champion in concrete pumps

  • Both brands will remain, initially in separate markets

  • The Chinese parent company is gradually launching its own brand in individual markets, market participants expect clarity


  • Parent company, which is no. 1 in the home market, launches own brand parallel to the premium brand successfully

  • Both brands are successfully marketed and are gaining market share without cannibalizing each other

  • Buy-in of all international stakeholders involved for clear and attractive positioning


  • Qualitative internal survey, competitive analysis and existing market research

  • Create two individual brand positions in the respective competitive environment, which are clearly separated from each other

  • Joint creation and implementation of concrete measures and offers as well as clear rules for demarcation, involving all relevant stakeholders across the value chain and regions

  • Communication cascade across internal stakeholders, customers, media; leading argumentation for the relevant markets and globally


  • Unanimously accepted content positioning for value and premium brand

  • Detailed operationalization / differentiation in product portfolio and product features, service & support, marketing

  • Roll-out with brand campaign, CEO information, media kit, social media     

  • Metrics not yet available


MAM Baby

(Austrian SME)

International brand research and positioning
Initial situation
  • Internationally different convictions on how to position oneself

  • Complex existing positioning

  • Explore true drivers in the relevant market of durable baby goods among pregnant women and young mothers

  • A common approach, yet degrees of freedom for the countries

  • Basis for new communicative appearance and packaging

  • Internal international workshop and joint hypothesis development based on pre-analyses

  • International brand research in 5 countries

  • Causal-analytical simulated and optimized positioning

  • Strict briefing for communicative and packaging implementation as well as pitch support

  • Broad international acceptance and pride in the new positioning

  • First listing of the baby bottle among key retail players and gatekeepers in the USA

  • Best financial year so far in the financial crisis year 2009 with sales growth of 8%

  • Austrian State Prize for Marketing 2009 for the new brand identity

  • Sales increase of 240% from 2008-2019

DLR - Research institute “German NASA”

Employer brand research and employer brand positioning for a research institution
Initial situation
  • Strong competition for talented students at other research institutions, universities and in the technical industry like BMW

  • Important scientific positions vacant due to comparatively low salaries and fixed-term contracts

  • No fully articulated employer brand

  • 50 independent institutes driving complexity

  • Attract first-class engineers, computer scientists and MINT graduates as employees

  • Create an attractive employer brand

  • Internal survey, competitive analysis and findings from secondary research

  • Internal workshop for the formulation of an employer brand hypothesis

  • Quantitative survey of the relevant target groups

  • Detailed success factor model, quantified and operationalized per target group

  • Align with the brand and creating a joint positioning

  • Causal-analytical simulation and optimization of the employer brand positioning

  • Convert into strategic measures, create SMART goals and implement them in internal workshops

  • Preference increase of the relevant target group by 49% within 3 years

  • Strongest and #1 employer brand 2020 for the target group in the relevant environment among all research institutions, universities and industrial customers (source: Stern)

Brand positioning, product line and price positioning of a new intraoral scanner
Initial situation
  • Strongly growing market for digital intraoral scanners

  • In the middle of the development of the new product with existing product line


  • Maximize sales and profits of the new intraoral camera

  • Optimize prices of the old and new equipment in the network

  • Position the intraoral camera line and decide under which brand it
    should be introduced


  • Quantitative survey of the relevant target groups (multivariate brand research and price research with conjoint analysis)

  • Detailed success factor model, quantified and operationalized

  • Causal analytical simulation and optimization of brand positioning

  • Create price-sales curve in the relevant competitive environment

  • Simulate market shares for different configurations and price points


  • Optimized brand positioning, product variants and product line at maximum sales and profit prices

  • Well-founded decision for the brand positioming, based on an emotional brand core

  • Prioritized marketing and sales actions

  • Proven by a successful launch of the new intra-oral scanner. Both in terms of sales and turnover, as well as in the perception as a leading product in the market (detailed metrical information available from reference providers).

Dentsply Sirona/Primescan

World market leader for dental products and technology


Secret medical technology customer

International brand positioning with local degrees of freedom
Initial situation
  • Many different business areas with different customer
    groups and success factors

  • International business with strong focus on Europe

  • Planned entry into a new business field

  • No elaborate positioning with a high need for security it will be optimal

  • Enormous time pressure and high complexity


  • Clear positioning that supports the strategy and promotes growth

  • Clarify whether all business areas fit under the relevant positioning umbrella

  • Define country priorities and degrees of freedom within the positioning

  • Identify, clearly describe and metrically record customer segments/personas


  • Quantitative survey of relevant target groups (brand research) in
    11 countries and over 4 business areas

  • Calculate, quantify and operationalize detailed success factor model

  • Find the optimal positioning with highest relevance by means of
    causal-analytical simulation

  • Define country-specific and business area-specific degrees of freedom


  • Despite maximum complexity, a positioning supported by all stakeholders within 6 months

  • Clearly defined customer segments, which could also be optimally addressed digitally with Marketing Automation

  • Sound decision base for all future marketing activities

  • Detailed, goal-oriented briefing for implementation as well as communication agencies

  • Increase in brand reach and sales ready leads by > 20% p.a. Sales growth

Personalized marketing or microtargeting with artificial intelligence
Initial situation
  • Stagnating growth among medical specialists

  • Distribution via specialist retailers led to a distanced knowledge of individual customers and non-customers and their needs


  • Strong increase in sales and market share

  • Massive increase in

    A) quality/relevance of the leads (>5% response rate)

    B) the conversion rate from contact to sale with specialists (>30% completion rate over 24 months)

  • Combination of classical multivariate market research with modern methods of artificial intelligence

  • Quantitative survey of the relevant target groups (classic multivariate brand research)

  • Create highly metric personas

  • Get to know the legal aspects of decision-relevant data among interesting medical specialists

  • Machine Learning based data enrichment

  • Individual approach to the doctors with a message that is relevant to them and in line with the brand

  • A/B - Tests to demonstrate efficacy

  • Knowledge of all relevant medical specialists with meaningful criteria

  • Classification of all target personas for a targeted approach

  • Increase of the campaign conversion rate by a factor of 3


World market leader in measuring instruments & solutions

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